Roadways in Menifee, CA

Overview of Menifee’s Road Network

Menifee is a city in Riverside County, California with a population of over 90,000 residents. As a fast-growing inland region, Menifee’s road network and transportation infrastructure continues to expand to meet the needs of new residents and businesses.

Some key things to know about Menifee’s roads:

  • The major highways serving Menifee are Interstates 215 and 15. These connect the city to the larger Southern California region.
  • Arterial roads including Newport Road, Bradley Road, Menifee Road, and Murrieta Road help move traffic within the city.
  • Paving and maintenance of local roads is handled by the City of Menifee Public Works Department.
  • Ongoing road construction is extending major thoroughfares eastward to accommodate new neighborhoods.
  • Issues like traffic congestion and pavement conditions continue to be priorities for transportation planning.

Interstate Highways

The following interstate highways pass through or near Menifee:

Interstate 215

  • I-215 connects from Murrieta in the south to Perris in the north.
  • It is a major commuter corridor for residents working in San Diego, Temecula, Moreno Valley and beyond.
  • Partial cloverleaf interchanges at Scott Rd, McCall Blvd, and Newport Rd connect I-215 to Menifee’s surface streets.

Interstate 15

  • I-15 runs in a north-south direction to the west of Menifee city limits.
  • It provides access to regional destinations like Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas.
  • The closest I-15 interchanges are at Murrieta Hot Springs Road and Bundy Canyon Road.

Arterial Roads

Major arterial roads for crosstown transportation in Menifee include:

Newport Road

  • Runs east-west across the northern side of the city.
  • Crosses Interstate 215 and links residential areas to retail centers.
  • Congestion during rush hour traffic is common.

Scott Road

  • Another heavily-traveled east-west artery through the center of Menifee.
  • Connects the Hospital District to developing neighborhoods on the community’s east side.
  • Prone to high traffic volumes at peak times.

Bradley Road

  • Forms part of Menifee’s southern boundary.
  • Commercial properties along Bradley Rd include car dealerships, big box stores and restaurants.
  • Ongoing construction to widen Bradley Rd from 2 to 4 lanes.

Menifee Road

  • Begins at Newport Rd heading south and continues into rural areas.
  • Menifee Rd passes through older portions of the city.
  • Main route to Wheatfield Park and other recreation areas.

Murrieta Road

  • Also called County Route E74, joining from I-215 heading southwest.
  • Murrieta Rd has 2 to 4 lanes and passes several public schools.
  • Provides access to neighborhoods and businesses in central Menifee.

Other Notable Streets

In addition to these main routes, other important roadways to know in Menifee include:

  • Haun Road – Central north-south route connecting Scott Rd to Newport Rd.
  • Chambers Road – Passes by Wheatfield Park and Audie Murphy Ranch.
  • Holland Road – East-west road located in northern Menifee.
  • Garbani Road – Crosses region from Menifee Lakes east to unincorporated areas.
  • Sherman Road – Serves Sun City core of the city before extending to Canyon Lake.
  • Antelope Road – Connects central Menifee neighborhoods to I-215 interchange.

Ongoing Road Infrastructure Projects

To accommodate Menifee’s increasing population and corresponding traffic volumes, the city has numerous road infrastructure projects planned or underway:

Newport Road Widening

  • $9.5 million project
  • Widening Newport from 2 to 6 lanes between Murrieta Rd and Holland Rd.
  • Includes sidewalks, bike lanes, lighting and landscaping upgrades.
  • Completion expected by early 2025.

Bradley Road Widening

  • $8 million widening of Bradley from 2 to 4 lanes.
  • Improvements along 1.5 mile stretch from Murrieta Rd to Zeiders Rd.
  • Adds signals, turn lanes and drainage facilities.
  • Finish date estimated mid-2025.

Holland Road Bridge & Interchange

  • New overpass for Holland Rd above railroad tracks and I-215.
  • Diverging diamond interchange planned at Holland Rd and I-215.
  • Enhances north-south regional connectivity for central Menifee.
  • Projected completion in late 2027.

Scott Road Extension

  • Extending Scott Rd east from Menifee Rd to Briggs Rd.
  • Will connect central Menifee to newly developing Heritage Lake community.
  • Part of $21 million eastside road network improvement plan.
  • Multiphase project to finish by 2030.

Traffic Issues in Menifee

With increasing population and car ownership figures, Menifee’s roads are becoming more congested. Some current traffic trouble spots include:

Interstate 215 in Menifee

  • I-215 narrows to 2 lanes through Menifee, often backing up during rush hours.
  • Freeway interchange areas at Scott Rd, Newport Rd and McCall Blvd especially prone to congestion.
  • Potential future widening of I-215 could alleviate bottlenecks.

Newport Road Corridor

  • Newport Rd frequently faces heavy traffic flows, particularly Woman Rd to Murrieta Rd stretch.
  • All intersections along Newport Rd have C or D grades for peak hour congestion.
  • Upcoming 6-lane expansion seeks to reduce Newport Rd delays.

Scott Road & Bradley Road

  • Insufficient east-west capacity with backups common at Scott Rd/I-215 interchange.
  • Bradley Rd congestion increasing – sidewalks currently lacking in some sections.
  • Planned expansions to help Scott and Bradley Rds handle higher traffic counts.

Antelope Road Congestion

  • Long lines accessing I-215 S/B along Antelope Rd off-ramp during morning commutes.
  • Left turn backups from Antelope to Newport during school drop-off and pick-up times.
  • Potential future upgrades to Antelope Rd/I-215 interchange.

Menifee Road Data

The city’s Public Works Department maintains extensive data on Menifee’s local road network. Some key annual figures include:

Road Inventory in Menifee

Road TypeCenterline Miles
Arterial Streets125
Collector Streets128
Local and Rural Roads329

Annual Average Daily Traffic (ADT)

Highest ADT RoadsADT Count
Newport Rd37,500
Scott Rd30,000
Bradley Rd27,000
Murrieta Rd20,000
Menifee Rd15,000

Road Budget Data

Funding Category2023/24 Budget
Arterial Road Construction$18.9 million
Local Road Repair & Rehab$2.1 million
Bridge Maintenance$500,000
Total$21.5 million

Menifee Road Planning

Several Menifee planning documents guide the development of the city’s transportation network:

General Plan Mobility Element

  • Part of city’s overall general plan adopted in 2013 after incorporation.
  • Defines policies, standards and criteria for developing integrated road system.
  • Identifies locations and classifications for future roads and upgrades.

Transportation Impact Fee Study

  • Adopted in 2019 to fund road improvements necessitated by new growth.
  • Assesses proportional impact fees on new developments based on expected traffic impacts.
  • Fees contribute to priority transportation projects like interchange expansions and arterial widenings.

Pavement Management System

  • Software inventory conducted every three years to survey pavement conditions on all city roads.
  • Generates PCI distress score for each road segment to prioritize repair needs and maintenance.
  • Systematic approach maximizes effectiveness of city’s pavement preservation budget.

Traffic Monitoring Report

  • Annual report documents traffic trends on Menifee’s busiest streets.
  • Details volume and speed data collected from thirty automated count stations throughout the city.
  • Supports traffic planning decisions by identifying developing congestion hotspots.

Menifee will continue enhancing its transportation infrastructure to offer safe, reliable access between the city’s neighborhoods, businesses, and regional destinations.

Priority areas include expanding road capacity along major east-west routes, improving freeway access points, and maintaining local roads.

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  • The first set of directions starts by taking the I-215 S highway towards San Diego. Take exit 33 for Scott Rd and turn right. Drive east on Scott Rd for 4 miles then turn left into the business park. Go to the end of the side street and turn into the parking lot on your right. Suite 110 is the second door of the brown building.
  • Another way to get there is to take I-215 S and exit on McCall Blvd. Turn left onto McCall and continue for 3.2 miles. Turn right onto Newport Rd and after 2.6 miles turn left onto Scott Rd. Drive 1 mile on Scott Rd going east then turn left into the business park. Go to the end of the side street and turn into the parking lot on your right. Suite 110 is the second door of the brown building.
  • The third option is to take Highway 79 S for 17 miles then exit onto Domenigoni Pkwy. Turn right and continue west for 5.3 miles before turning left onto Newport Rd. After 2.1 miles turn right onto Scott Rd then drive east for 1 mile. Turn left into the business park, drive to the end of the side street and turn into the parking lot on your right. Suite 110 is the second door of the brown building.