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Privacy Fencing Near Menifee, CA

When it comes to your outdoor living spaces, privacy is key.

Our team of experienced fencing contractors in Menifee, CA specialize in designing and installing beautiful privacy fences to enhance your backyard.

A professionally installed privacy fence provides security, noise reduction and partitions your property from neighbors or busy streets.

With customized material options like wood, PVC and iron fencing, we can create a secluded outdoor oasis perfect for entertaining or relaxing at home.

Our privacy fences feature tightly-spaced pickets, solid panels or alternating raised patterns to prevent visibility and block unwanted eyes from looking into your yard.

We use high quality, durable fence materials able to withstand California weather while preserving the beauty of your landscape design for years to come.

Contact Fence Company Menifee today to get a free quote on a customized privacy fence installation that meets all of your requirements!

Process We Follow for Privacy Fencing

Site Inspection and Consultation

The process starts when our team drives out to your Menifee home for an in-depth site inspection and consultation.

We’ll measure the perimeter of your property, take note of slopes or grade changes, identify utilities and discuss your vision for privacy and security needs. It’s important we understand how you plan on using your yard space so we can make the right recommendations.

Detailed Quote With Materials and Pricing

Next, we put together a detailed quote outlining the scope of work and exact materials being used.

This includes fence type (wood, vinyl, chain link), height, post spacing, accessories (gates and latches) and any grading or prep work needed. We provide transparent pricing with no surprise add-ons so you know exactly what to expect.


If required based on the project specifications, our team handles permitting required by the city of Menifee before installations begin. We take care of compiling the documents, getting city approvals and scheduling city inspections.

Materials Delivery and Property Prep

Now the fun part starts! We deliver all fencing materials by truck and begin prepping the property. This includes layout and marking for post hole digging, temporary fence removal and clearing/grubbing vegetation to make way for new fences. Proper planning prevents problems down the road.

Fence Installation

Our professional crew uses the latest tools and techniques to install your privacy fence to exact specifications.

We dig precisely spaced post holes, set posts in concrete for strength, mount brackets and hang pre-built fence panels secured tightly with hardware. For added privacy, we use alternating patterns, lattice or extra tight picket spacing.

Gates and Accessories Added

The perfect finishing touch includes adding and adjusting any gates, hardware or accessories outlined in your quote. Double check the swing and closure provide both security and easy access before concrete sets around posts. Make sure safety latch placement suits your unique needs.

Site Cleanup and Inspection

As we wrap up, we complete a final walkthrough on site to approve our workmanship and identify any tiny punch list items to button up. We thoroughly clean the site, haul away debris and waste. Now you can enjoy backyard privacy free of construction mess!

Follow Up

Even after the job looks fantastic at the final reveal, our work continues. We follow up on your satisfaction and fence performance during the first year.

If any fence boards loosen or issues arise stemming from our craftsmanship, we quickly repair at no charge under our workmanship warranty.

Cost of Privacy Fencing in Menifee, CA

Exact privacy fence installation costs vary quite a bit based on:

  • Fence Material (wood vs vinyl vs other)
  • Fence Height and Post Spacing
  • Section Length (per linear foot)
  • Terrain and Necessary Grading
  • Accessories like Gates, Lattice, Trims

To receive an accurate price quote tailored to your unique Menifee property, give us a call. Our experienced team provides free estimates without hassle or obligation.

Once we understand your vision for backyard seclusion, we craft a personalized quote covering all work outlined so you know precisely what to invest for premium, long-lasting fence privacy. There are no change order surprises mid project.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our highly-skilled installers have over 10 years of experience designing, building, and installing fences to properly secure properties.


We customize your new fence to match your home’s style and maximize backyard usage with expert insights on layout and material options.

Quality Materials

We use only the highest grade lumber, metal, and other superior construction materials so your fence remains stable and attractive for years.

Professional Installation

Our team neatly and efficiently installs your customized fence to increase security, privacy and beauty using proper techniques.

Customer Satisfaction

We provide 5-star service from design to completion, keeping you informed during the friendly, reliable installation process.


Our competitive rates and financing options provide exceptional value helping you enhance your property within your budget constraints.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Menifee, California

FAQs About Privacy Fencing in Menifee, California

What is the best type of wood for a privacy fence?

Cedar and redwood are top choices for wood privacy fences because they resist rotting, cracking and insect damage better than other woods in climates like Menifee’s. Though more expensive initially, these durable woods stand up well over time.

What is the most affordable option for privacy fencing?

For homeowners on a tight budget, standard pressure-treated pine wood provides decent privacy at the lowest upfront investment. Just know untreated low cost wood requires more maintenance over its shorter lifespan.

How much space should posts/pickets be spaced for maximum privacy?

Our installers space privacy fence posts and pickets no more than 1 inch apart. This prevents prying eyes while still allowing airflow and compliance with building codes. Anything tighter risks moisture issues.

Can I have a privacy fence with a dual sided decorative pattern?

Absolutely! A scalloped, arched or decorative mix and match look is possible with aluminum or cellular PVC privacy fencing. The unique material allows custom designs that block visibility from both sides of the fence.

What height should I make my privacy fence?

We recommend a privacy fence height between 6 and 8 feet tall. This gives you seclusion while avoiding issues around sunlight blockage and code compliance. Fences over 8 feet typically require permit approvals.

Will a privacy fence make my yard feel enclosed or dark?

Properly spaced picket fencing with 1 inch gaps allows sunlight and airflow. Strategic plantings, overhead structures and lighting keeps your yard feeling open, not boxed in. Our designer avoids making spaces feel dark.

Can you match my existing fence height or material?

Our installation crew certainly can tie-in a new privacy fence section matching your current fences. Uniform material, spacing, posts, gates and height maintains flows and aesthetics.

How far should fence posts be sunk underground?

For stability and strength, we sink fence posts 2-3 feet below ground level here in Menifee, especially for tall privacy fences. Deeper post holes filled with concrete prevent leaning over time.

Do I need a permit for a new privacy fence in Menifee?

Based on height and location specifics of your planned fence, permits may or may not be required. Part of our process examines permit needs then secures them for you if necessary before installation starts.

What should I consider when choosing privacy fence gates?

We help select gate locations convenient for access yet out of direct lines of sight from streets or neighbors. Also consider width for lawn mowers, pets, kids and gardening equipment. Keyed locks or self closing hinges boost backyard security.

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