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Fence Painting/Staining Services Near Menifee, CA

Is your fence looking faded, chipped, and weathered? Restoring your fence with a fresh coat of stain or paint makes a dramatic difference in the look of your property.

Not only does it improve aesthetics, but it also protects the wood from further damage caused by moisture, UV rays, termites, and more.

Our team has the skills and experience to professionally paint or stain your fence right the first time.

We use top quality products and take extra care with surface preparation and application.

This results in a like-new fence with a flawless, uniform finish that enhances curb appeal.

With over 10 years serving Menifee and surrounding areas, our local fencing experts take great pride in their workmanship.

We handle all types of projects, from simple touch-ups to large multi-day jobs. And we back our work with a warranty you can rely on.

Contact us today for a free estimate on your fencing painting or staining project. We’ll assess your needs and provide solutions to revitalize your fence within your desired budget.

Process We Follow for Fence Painting/Staining

Initial Consultation

The process starts when our project manager meets with you at your home in Menifee for a free consultation. We’ll walk your property to examine the current state of your fence. This allows us to determine the necessary steps to prep and finish the wood properly.

During the consult, we’ll discuss:

  • Type of fence material – wood, vinyl, metal, etc. Paint vs. stain options depend on material.
  • Condition of existing finish – checking for cracking, peeling, staining, mold/mildew, damage, etc.
  • Your desired results – color/finish, sheen level, special decorative techniques if requested.
  • Purpose for the project – maintenance, weatherproofing, aesthetics, etc. This helps guide product recommendations.
  • Timeframe – when you need the project completed and our current schedule availability.
  • Access points to the fence and any special needs like a neighbor notification.
  • Budget – we provide a written estimate tailored to your specific job.

This meeting allows us to gain a deep understanding of your unique needs so we can deliver a personalized fence painting/staining solution.

Prepping the Surface

Proper prep work makes all the difference for a long-lasting finish. Our team takes the time do it right by:

  • Removing any loose, cracked or peeling paint/stain using scrapers, sanders, wire brushes. We’ll sand down to a smooth uniform surface.
  • Cleaning away dirt, mildew and other contaminants with pressure washing and specialty cleaners as needed.
  • Sealing knots, sap streaks and tannin bleed areas on wood with primer/sealer so they don’t cause staining later.
  • Filling any holes, splits, or gaps with appropriate wood filler for a flawless finished appearance.
  • Lightly sanding/deglossing intact areas to help the new coat properly adhere.
  • Masking off any nearby structures like your home, plants or concrete to keep them stain-free.

We don’t take shortcuts on surface prep. This gives the finish coat the proper foundation to maximize adhesion and durability.

Finish Coat Application

Next our painters use their artistic skills to apply the new finish coat you selected. We use premium quality stains and paints that resist fading, cracking, peeling and mold growth. Options include:

Wood stains – We offer different opacities (transparent, semi-transparent, semi-solid, solid) and sheen levels from flat to gloss. Stains protect the wood while showing off its natural grain. They need reapplied every 2-4 years.

Paint – This opaque coating hides wood grain to achieve a uniform look. It lasts longer than stain before needing touched up – typically 4-6 years. We have any color you desire.

Specialty finishes – In addition to standard stains and paint, we can do antique staining, whitewashing, pickling, distressing, color washing or other custom effects you want.

Our painters apply the finish coat with proper brushing techniques and backbrushing to prevent drips, runs, and sags from forming. We use premium application tools and take great care around fences, plants, and other obstacles. If spraying, we properly shield nearby surfaces from overspray.

We check weather conditions and only apply finishes when humidity, dewpoint, and temperatures allow. This prevents bubbling, cracking, and other flaws.

If doing multiple coats, we sand lightly between each one for maximum adhesion. We also follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for dry time between coats.

Job Site Clean Up

The last step our crew performs is a thorough clean up. We collect all debris from the prep work and finish job. We sweep surrounding areas to remove any spilled stain or paint.

And we remove all equipment, leftover materials, and trash from your property. The only thing left behind is your renewed fence!

We know how important it is to keep your landscape orderly throughout the duration of the project. You can count on us to work carefully and keep the space clean each day before leaving.

By following this detailed process with care and expertise, we can deliver professional fence painting or staining results that will have your property looking its very best. Contact us today to revitalize your fence with a fresh new protective finish!

Cost of Fence Painting/Staining in Menifee, CA

How much does it cost to paint or stain a fence in Menifee? Fence painting/staining prices depend on several factors:

  • Type of material – Wood is the most common. Other materials like vinyl, metal and composite fencing have different requirements.
  • Height/length – More square footage takes more time and materials.
  • Number of sides – Will 1, 2, 3 or all 4 sides be painted/stained?
  • Condition of existing finish – Heavily weathered and damaged fences take more prep work.
  • Type of finish product – Premium stains/paints cost more than basic ones. Specialty finishes add cost.
  • Number of finish coats – Typically 1-2 coats are applied. An extra coat means extra cost.
  • Special preparations – Such as lead paint remediation, or extra protection for plants/structures near the fence.
  • Disposal fees – For hauling away old fencing, paint, etc.

Other variables like accessibility and project scheduling also impact the total.

We provide free estimates tailored to your specific job requirements. Most standard fence painting or staining projects in Menifee range from $3 to $7 per linear foot. Give us a call and we’ll give you an accurate quote!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our highly-skilled installers have over 10 years of experience designing, building, and installing fences to properly secure properties.


We customize your new fence to match your home’s style and maximize backyard usage with expert insights on layout and material options.

Quality Materials

We use only the highest grade lumber, metal, and other superior construction materials so your fence remains stable and attractive for years.

Professional Installation

Our team neatly and efficiently installs your customized fence to increase security, privacy and beauty using proper techniques.

Customer Satisfaction

We provide 5-star service from design to completion, keeping you informed during the friendly, reliable installation process.


Our competitive rates and financing options provide exceptional value helping you enhance your property within your budget constraints.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Menifee, California

FAQs About Fence Painting/Staining in Menifee, California

Should I paint or stain my fence?

Stain is preferable for wood fences because it protects the wood while allowing the natural grain to show through. Paint obscures the grain for a uniform look. For non-wood fences, specialized paints are required. Our team can advise the best option for your fence material and project goals.

How long does a stained/painted fence last?

On average, expect 4-6 years from quality stain and 5-7 years from paint before maintenance coats are needed. Durability depends on the product quality, proper application, and local environmental factors.

How do you prepare a fence for painting/staining?

Proper prep is crucial. It involves cleaning, light sanding, scraping peeling paint, filling holes/cracks, priming bare wood, and more. Our process above covers the key steps our team follows.

What type of paint/stain should I use?

We recommend premium products from brands like Behr, Sherwin-Williams and Cabot. They offer excellent protection, durability, and aesthetics. We use the right formulation for your specific fence material and project.

Can you paint a fence in cold weather?

Ideally temps should be 50+ degrees F and not exceed 85 degrees. We won’t paint/stain if rain, dew or freezing temps are expected within 24 hours of application to allow proper drying.

How do I get paint/stain off plants and surfaces around my fence?

Our painters take great care when applying finishes to minimize mess. If accidents occur, we use mineral spirits or paint thinner to clean up oil-based products. For latex paint, warm soapy water can remove fresh spills before they dry.

Should I get one or two coats?

Most quality paints/stains only require one coat when applied correctly. Two coats are recommended if changing colors drastically or for improved protection and durability. Our quotes specify one or two coats based on your specific job.

How do you keep paint/stain off concrete or pavers under the fence?

We mask off nearby surfaces with plastic sheeting and tape them to keep finishes off. Or we carefully brush/roll right up to the fence line. Stray drips are easy to remove before drying.

Can you match the existing paint/stain color if I don’t know it?

Our team can identify the existing color and match it very closely, often indistinguishably

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