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Barbed Wire Fencing Company Near Menifee, CA

Installing a high-quality barbed wire fence around your Menifee property provides an extra layer of security and privacy.

With our expert fencing contractors, you can have peace of mind knowing your family, pets, and valuables are protected.

Barbed wire fencing deters would-be trespassers and keeps unwanted animals from entering your yard.

The sharp barbs make climbing over nearly impossible without injury. We use only the strongest and most durable materials that can withstand the elements and last for decades.

Unlike chain link or wooden fences which can be easily breached, our galvanized steel barbed wire fencing is extremely difficult to cut through.

You won’t have to worry about people hopping your fence or animals pushing through weak spots.

We customize your barbed fencing to meet your unique needs. Whether you need a tall perimeter fence or just a single strand to mark property lines, we can install it professionally with precision.

Our team has years of experience putting up fences of all types in Menifee and surrounding areas.

For optimal security, we space the barbed wires close together starting at just a few inches off the ground. This prevents passage below the fence.

The strands extend several feet high to deter climbers. We can also add extra strands of barbed tape for additional protection.

While quite effective at keeping trespassers out, our barbed wire fencing is affordably priced.

We provide free estimates so you know exactly what to expect cost-wise. Our installation process is quick and efficient so you can have your new fence up in no time.

With a barbed wire fence installed by our pros, you’ll gain valuable peace of mind. Contact us today to get started on enhancing security for your Menifee property.

Process We Follow for Barbed Wire Fencing

Site Evaluation and Planning

The first step our team takes is carefully evaluating your property to determine the optimal placement for the barbed wire fence.

We measure the perimeter and look at the terrain to account for any sloped areas or obstacles. We also identify the best places to set sturdy corner and line posts spaced appropriately apart.

Proper planning from the start helps ensure the fence will be perfectly positioned and angled on your land. It allows us to install the most secure, long-lasting barbed wire fence possible.

Installing the Posts

Barbed wire fencing is only as strong as the posts supporting it. Our crew digs holes for the corner, gate, and line posts, spacing them between 8 to 12 feet apart depending on fence height. We sink the posts 2 to 3 feet into the ground and fill the holes with concrete for maximum stability.

For each post, we level it vertically and brace it until the concrete fully cures. This critical step prevents any leaning or warping later on. We use strong, pressure-treated 4×4 wooden posts or 2 to 2.5 inch galvanized steel posts able to withstand exposure and decay.

Running the Barbed Wire

Once the support posts have fully cured, we start running the barbed wire strands. We use 12.5 gauge, galvanized steel wire with long-lasting zinc coating. Our standard fences have 3 to 5 strands spaced close together starting near the ground.

We pull each strand taut corner to corner using a special winch and stretcher bar. This achieves the proper tension to prevent sagging over time. We securely attach the barbed wire strands to each post with staples to keep them fixed and upright.

For properties with animals, we recommend adding one or two strands of barbed tape between the top wires. The extra sharp barbs discourage climbing by people and provide a visual deterrent.

Installing Additional Security Features

In addition to the perimeter barbed wire strands, we can integrate other security measures based on your needs:

  • Privacy slats inserted into the fence to block views.
  • Rolls of barbed tape along the top for increased protection.
  • Electric fencing wires to shock anyone attempting to climb over or cut through.
  • Razor wire along the top strands to deter and prevent intruders.
  • Security cameras mounted on posts to monitor the fence line.

Let us know if you would like any of these enhanced security options added. We will plan the materials and installation accordingly.

Completing the Fence with Precision

Our experienced fencing professionals take great care to complete the installation properly. We make sure the barbed wire strands are perfectly straight and taut corner to corner. The fence posts are plumb and braced firmly in concrete.

We install secure gates with heavy-duty hinges, latches, and galvanized steel frames matched to the fence height. Our crew cleans up the entire area when finished, leaving you with a crisp, professional-looking barbed wire fence enclosing your property.

Ongoing Fence Maintenance

Over time, it is important to maintain your barbed wire fencing to preserve its integrity and security capabilities. We provide maintenance service and can promptly fix any issues like loose wires, damaged posts, weakened concrete, or corroded materials.

Let us know right away if you notice any problems with your barbed wire fence so we can perform repairs. Proactive maintenance keeps your fence looking its best and doing its job of securing your property’s perimeter.

Cost of Barbed Wire Fencing in Menifee, CA

The cost of installing barbed wire fencing depends on several key factors:

  • Perimeter length – The longer your property line, the more materials and work involved.
  • Terrain – Fences along sloped areas or through dense foliage cost more.
  • Fence height – More barbed wire strands to deter climbing equals a higher price.
  • Post spacing – Wider spacing reduces posts needed but may compromise security.
  • Added security features – Privacy slats, electric wires, and razor wire add to the overall project cost.
  • Permits – Some municipal permits add fees for approved fencing work.

To give you an idea, basic barbed wire fencing mounted on wooden posts typically runs $6-8 per linear foot installed. A perimeter of 200 linear feet costs around $1,200 to $1,600. Galvanized steel posts increase the price but are the strongest and most durable option.

Higher fences with added security elements like privacy slats can range from $15-25 per linear foot. Complex terrain, dense vegetation, and extensive perimeter lengths will fall on the higher end.

We provide free estimates so you know exactly what to budget for your custom barbed wire fencing. Contact us today to get started securing your Menifee property.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our highly-skilled installers have over 10 years of experience designing, building, and installing fences to properly secure properties.


We customize your new fence to match your home’s style and maximize backyard usage with expert insights on layout and material options.

Quality Materials

We use only the highest grade lumber, metal, and other superior construction materials so your fence remains stable and attractive for years.

Professional Installation

Our team neatly and efficiently installs your customized fence to increase security, privacy and beauty using proper techniques.

Customer Satisfaction

We provide 5-star service from design to completion, keeping you informed during the friendly, reliable installation process.


Our competitive rates and financing options provide exceptional value helping you enhance your property within your budget constraints.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Menifee, California

FAQs About Barbed Wire Fencing in Menifee, California

Is barbed wire fencing allowed in my area?

Most municipalities allow barbed wire fencing, but some may restrict certain types in residential areas. We’re familiar with local codes and obtain permits when required prior to installations.

How often does barbed wire fencing need maintenance?

With periodic inspections and minor upkeep, quality galvanized steel barbed wire fences can last 20-25 years or longer before needing major repairs.

What height should I make my barbed wire fence?

We recommend a minimum 6 foot tall fence with 3-5 barbed wire strands. For maximum security, consider 8 feet with privacy slats and extra strands of barbed tape or razor wire.

How far apart are the barbed wire strands spaced?

For optimal security, we space standard 12.5 gauge strands 4 inches apart starting at just 6 inches off the ground and extending to the top of the fence.

Can you install a barbed wire fence on a slope or uneven terrain?

Yes, our team has extensive experience properly installing barbed wire fencing along sloped, uneven, or densely vegetated property lines.

How deep are the fence posts buried?

We sink wooden posts 2-3 feet into the ground and line posts 1-2 feet deep for maximum stability. Steel posts often extend 2.5-3 feet below grade into concrete footing.

What are the strongest materials for barbed wire fence posts?

For longest durability, galvanized steel pipe posts are strongest. Pressure-treated wood posts offer good strength at a lower cost but require more ongoing maintenance.

Does adding electric fencing to barbed wire make it more secure?

Electric wires can provide an additional shock deterrent helping protect the fence’s physical integrity. We recommend them for properties with persistent animal intrusions.

Should I get 1, 3, or 5 strands of barbed wire?

Most fences have 3-5 strands spaced closely together. One strand alone is not secure. We recommend starting with 3 strands and adding more if needed.

How long does it take to install a barbed wire fence?

That depends on the length and terrain but typically 4-7 days for most residential projects. We schedule efficiently so your property has enhanced protection ASAP.

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